This song loops as an anthem since it was released. Sweet cover. Check out her EP ‘The Covers v1’, and download it here. Hey, Toronto.


Ian Kamau – The Village

Beautiful video for “The Village” – off of Ian Kamau’s latest release, “One Day Soon” – edited and produced by Marcos Fantu. Feeling warm from seeing these beautiful (and some familiar) faces. One Love.

DJ BAHLER – Crystal Hearts [Childish Gambino + Midnight Conspiracy + Crystal Castles + Health]

Apart from the fact that Childish Gambino’s rhymes sometimes make you go “fuck kid… did you just really?”, I’m really liking this mashup. It’s refreshing to hear some Crystal Castles mashed up ’cause I miss them…


these ‘mos were in Toronto last week and I’m sad I missed them… but happy I still got introduced to them. Check them out here live on KEXP performing Pause and Do You Have the Time. Tight, for sure, but also seem like so much fun.

(via Shu Bug)

I checked them out on Soundcloud and they’ve got a few tracks on there for streaming.

This track they collaborated with OC Notes for. It’s called ‘Icing’. Stream it right here:

My favourite so far is ‘Waltz’. If you don’t bounce while listening to this… check yourself. They mix jazz and hip hop just how I like it.



Ian Kamau – One Day Soon (LP)

What a great day for music…

Ian Kamau’s One Day Soon LP is now released over at bandcamp. Purchase the hard album for 15$ or download it for one dollar or more.

So far, I’ve only heard the free stream track ‘The Village’ and it truly reflects Ian Kamau’s poetic genius as always.

Stream it below: