Dan Clare & R3WIRE – Mink, Schmink! (Official Video)

I LOVE video edits like this, and that slide at the end seems so much fun!


Guilty Fridays – Usher – Week 10 & 11 (U Remind Me + Burn)

Back in 2001, Usher released one of the most confusing stalkerish video in history. He followed around girls to tell them he’s not interested. (And humps a tree at 1:23)

Second video for this week is ‘Burn’, off ‘Confessions’.. You know, the album that brought us Usher’s club bangers like ‘Yeah!’. No matter how good any of his tracks were after this, it was always like… damn, I miss that younger mac.


R.I.P. DJ Mehdi

Tunisian hip hop and electro dj, DJ Mehdi lost his life today after a fatal injury, falling off a roof at a party… So much respect for his blend of maghrebi/arab beats, hip hop and electro grooves. May he rest in peace.

(and this video that never fails to make me smile…

Les Twins

Les Twins,  Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, are a hip hop/new style/street dance duo of two identical bros living in France. Such finesse…

Here they are in ‘Rug Dealers’, part of the World of Dance Tour (filmed by Yak Films):

And here they are on Planet Funk. Apart from being so tight here, they are also quite funny. I love how they go back and forth between different styles of music and kill it every time. Enjoy!

I had to add a last one… also a collab with Yak Films… This is ‘Phone Home’: