Shad – it ain’t over

Shad’s love letter to Lenny Kravitz.


Gummy Soul Presents Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to the Pharcyde

Join Gummy Soul’s Amerigo Gazaway as he embarks on a 55 minute “Quest to The Pharcyde”. Utilizing the original Jazz, Soul and Funk recordings sampled throughout A Tribe Called Quest’s extensive catalogue, Gazaway recreates classic productions – pairing his reinterpreted instrumentals with select vocals from West Coast “golden era” favorites, The Pharcyde.





suheir hammed – when i stretch forth my hand (prod. by omar r.hamilton)


“Commissioned as part of a collective of personal responses (Gaza’s Winter) to the 08/09 assault on Gaza – the film uses the poetry of Suheir Hammad and a mixture of personal recordings, news material and found footage to explore the personal and political tensions born of Egypt’s role in the assault – and its wider relationship with Israel and Palestine.”

(Weekly Highlight) The Narcicyst – Fly Over Egypt

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Heart beating for Egypt, listening/watching to Narcy spit it like blood flow, over a landscape of our beautiful people.

Masr, Ta7rir, Jan.25, 1year.

Download free over at soundcloud

Boyz II Men – Thank You

Happy new year! Sending this one out to everyone who stuck by me this past year. Appreciating every moment.

And so I thought up this song
To show my appreciation
For loving me so long

You don’t know how much you mean to me
‘Cause even though times get rough
You never turned away
You were right there
And I thank you