David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street

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Mackenzie Rhythm Section – The 12 Sexy Days of Christmas

Ottawa, Canada’s Funk, Soul and Rock n’ Roll group The Mackenzie Rhythm Section is full of Christmas spirit this year as they wrap up their first Christmas D.I.Y. single and video for ‘The 12 Sexy Days of Christmas’. Deck the halls with balls of sexy as they bring you a mix that is all their own. Sexy Christmas made easy courtesy of the Mackenzie Rhythm Section.

Notable highlights: That damn fine drummer they’ve got (shout out!) + 3:19: “now what Christmas would be complete without a breakdown…”


Check them out live on Jan.15th @ The Grad Club in Kingston, CA and stay tuned for the release of their debut album in the fall of 2012! In the meantime, be sure to check out ‘Acabo’, ‘Century 21’ and other solid tracks from yours truly.


Bitch Magazine B-Sides: F**k Yeah FOC Fest

(via Aruna)

New 8 track sample of some of the artists which performed at the Females of Colour Fest, a new Portland-based festival celebrating musicians of color from the West Coast. It’s got a great mix of spanish riot girl, chillwave electro, experimental beats and jazz punk, and rock… overall fierceness. Find it here 

R.I.P. Gerard Smith (TV on the Radio)

TV on the Radio’s bassist Gerard Smith passed away from lung cancer recently, very shortly after the release of the band’s new album and film ‘Nine Shades of Light’. The film is an ode to the album, a visual reflection of each song and thoughts by random people on various topics like dreams, love, the future. The music videos were co-directed with friends and family of the band apparently.

You can watch the whole 1 hour long film (and stream the album all at once) right here:

May you rest in Peace, Gerard Smith (1974-2011)

‘Otherside’ Battle: Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Ben l’Oncle Soul

Remember this track? ‘Otherside’ was one of the darkest tracks off RHCPs’ album ‘Californication’ (1999), even being called ‘Pumpkins-esque’.


It was covered by Ben l’Oncle Soul, a motown french jazz soulman… Needless to say, it sounds nothing like the original.


Which do you like best?