Positive Force – We go the funk


Weldon Irvine – Do something for yourself


off the 1976 album “Sinbad”. Rest in peace, legend.

Mackenzie Rhythm Section – The 12 Sexy Days of Christmas

Ottawa, Canada’s Funk, Soul and Rock n’ Roll group The Mackenzie Rhythm Section is full of Christmas spirit this year as they wrap up their first Christmas D.I.Y. single and video for ‘The 12 Sexy Days of Christmas’. Deck the halls with balls of sexy as they bring you a mix that is all their own. Sexy Christmas made easy courtesy of the Mackenzie Rhythm Section.

Notable highlights: That damn fine drummer they’ve got (shout out!) + 3:19: “now what Christmas would be complete without a breakdown…”


Check them out live on Jan.15th @ The Grad Club in Kingston, CA and stay tuned for the release of their debut album in the fall of 2012! In the meantime, be sure to check out ‘Acabo’, ‘Century 21’ and other solid tracks from yours truly.


Blitz Ambassador – Native Sun

Stream Blitz Ambassador – hip hop and visual artist -‘s FULL album in music and video!

44 minutes of genius right here:

(track 11, ‘Native Sun’ features Toronto’s Shad)

Album drops May 3rd but you can preorder it on Itunes now (where you can find the track listing too).

90s Hip Hop Throwback Mix + Electro House of Funk Mix

NEW mixes by DJ H2O and the Readnex Poetry Squad! Heat, as always.

Free stream and download via soundcloud – click on the mix you want below:

90s Hip Hop Throwback mix            Electro House of Funk