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Nomadic Wax Radio – Thawra: Youth & Hip Hop in the Arab World [Special News Piece]

This radio special features these individuals (listed in order of appearance): 
1) Mohamad Ismail 
2) Omar GeOman Xtrazick 
3) Rah Zemos 
4) Medusa 
5) Yassir Laghdas 
6) Hagage 'AJ' Masaed 
7) Omar Offendum 
8) Michael Ibrahim

1. Intro by Krs One* 
2. 25 January by Ali-Loka (Tunisia) * 
3. Démoralisé by G.O. Man XtraZik (Tunisia)* 
4. Prisoner by Arabian Knightz (Egypt) (Prod. by DJ Caz) 
5. Head of State by El General (Tunisia) 
6. #Jan25 by Various Artists. Featuring Omar Offendum (Syria/USA), The Narcicyst (Iraq/Canada), Ayah, Sami Mater, and Others.* 
7. Rebel by Arabian Knightz (Egypt) (Prod. by Iron Curtain) 
8. On Vise Plus Haut by Mr. T & Limbra (Tunisia)* 
9. Ego Trip J Represente by Mr. Mustapha & G.O. Man XtraZik (Tunisia)* 
10. Egypt 25 by El Far3i (Jordan) 
11. Revolution by Rah Zemos (Lebanon/Canada) 
12. Where I’m from by Nomadic Massive (Canada/Algeria) ft. The Narcicyst (Iraq/Canada) 
13. (Background Instrumental) Shukran by Dj Nio (Italy) 
14. Rasallah by Hagage ‘AJ’ Masaed (Yemen) 
15. (Background Instrumental) From Rebel to Basement Sad Ins Demoralize pt. 2 by Dj Killa (Tunisia)* 
16. Superhero by Omar Offendum (Syria/USA) 
17. I am Searching by Alfaress (Morocco) ft. Tameeka Jones 

Extra Instrumental Track: 
“Africans Don’t Wanna Understand” – Ben Herson and Dan Cantor (Originally part of African Underground Vol.) 

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