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Shad in (h)Ottawa!

Shad, with guests Keys N Krates and Flight Distance will be at Ritual Nightclub this weekend, Saturday April 2nd. See event page here:

And now it is all SOLD OUT… 😦

Probably one of the most talented MCs rapping from Canada these days (by way of Kenya), to me he represents eclecticism and flexibility in hip hop, and graceful lyricism which drops truth.

Here are some of my favourites:

‘Those who have eyes should act like it
To help the sightless seeking the light switch
To see in the night with, we leading the lifeless
Sometimes I just wanna play some shows, make some dough
Take it home, lay in my bed, and stay in my safety zone
But Cee-Lo said it best
I know too much and I owe too much to let it rest
Heard a voice say hey,
You never question when you get the blessings
So don’t get vexed when your life is stressed
And I promised I’ll be with you no matter what the issue
But there will be some issues to address
Listen to the lady in the dress

I didn’t promise you a rose garden
Along with the sunshine (Uh huh)
There’s gotta be some rain sometimes
I beg your pardon, I didn’t promise you a rose garden
Along with the sunshine
There’s gotta be a little rain sometimes’

(also, gotta love the little skit at the end. ‘What are you watching?’ ‘A little Pharcyde’ ‘Oh cool, never heard of him’… check it:


Back to Shad… This video got newly released, and I absolutely love it. It’s honestly the best rap I’ve heard that speaks about womyn. This goes out to my loves – keep shining… ‘I use to want to find the love of my life, now I’m trying to live a life of love…’

A last one with rhymes so tight that make me think of a recent conversation about how being a person of colour, and even more so a black person, in academia is a double-edged sword. Listen: ‘it’s hard to cut chains when they attached at the roots’


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